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About One Diet

Sport & Fitness
Lose weight naturally, exercise and stay healthy

Try our proven ONE DIET kit for two weeks and
see for yourself it really works.

One Diet site is an independent distributor of Calivita International products. We distributes Calivita supplements in Europe and other countries.

One Diet promotes values of Calivita, namely health and improved quality of life. Thanks to our health kits You have an easier task. Just specify your goal and natural products will help you to meet Your goal.

You made a decision. It's great.

Tell all your friends that you reach your goal and determine when it happens. It is important to lose weight gradually approx. 1.5 kg per month. Such a declaration will give you extra motivation and when you reach the goal ensure the recognition and admiration of your friends, who will also want to have such a slim figure. So when this happens do not hesitate to recommend effective natural Calivita products in proven combinations, namely the One Diet Programme kits. See what you can gain by promoting products as Calivita International independent distributor.

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