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As a cornerstone of a healthy diet, you should make sure that your body gets enough fibre. Fibre absorbs water, it expands and helps you to feel fuller for longer and this is how it benefits those on a slimming diet.

Nopalin contains natural fiber from Nopal cactus fig.

The excellence of this water-soluble and insoluble fiber lies in its ability to reach the colon in intact form.  Consequently, it can serve as suitable nutrition for useful bacteria to multiply, so they can reduce the formation of toxic substances and support the health of the digestive and immune systems.

Nopal (Opuntia)

nutrition of modern man

For the average modern man there is no need for a large amount of rapidly available energy (glucose) due to a sedentary lifestyle that does not require excessive activation of the body's muscles and energy consumption. As a result of reduced physical activity and wrong choice of foods, today the modern society is facing an epidemic of obesity. Many believe that the carbohydrates are right culprits of overweight and recommend diets without carbohydrates, which carries a potential health risk. It is partly true that carbohydrates are responsible for the excess calories in the meal, but while it would be desirable to take into account that not all carbohydrates are the same, ie, that there are "good" and "bad" carbohydrates. Today, experts do not recommend the rejection of all kinds of carbohydrates, but consumption of those with a low glycemic index (so. Good carbs). The goal of a healthy and balanced diet would contain all the major food groups including carbohydrates, with the proper combination and increase physical activity as activators of metabolism.

Sources of carbohydrates in the daily diet

Carbohydrates are complex sugars that are found in almost every type of food and even vegetables. They are the main source of energy in the body and all are broken down during digestion into glucose - blood sugar. It provides the brain and central nervous system energy. Groups of foods that contain carbohydrates in varying amounts as grains and grain products, rice, bread, pasta, fruit, vegetables, milk and dairy products, honey and other natural sweeteners. Carbohydrates can be digestible (sugar, starch, etc.) and non-digestible (fiber). Excess carbohydrates in the diet is stored as glycogen in the liver and muscles, and the remainder after completion of these reserves is converted into fat as energy reserves deposited in adipose tissue.

The glycemic index - the main criterion for determining good and bad carbohydrates

The glycemic index (GI) is a system that ranks foods based on how much glucose (sugar) is absorbed into the blood after administration. Each food has a number that shows which part of the total sugar contained in a foodstuff ends up in the bloodstream. From a scientific point of view, the only criterion by which carbohydrates can be evaluate is just the glycemic index. The food that we eat, in turn, stimulates metabolic reactions in an undesirable direction - towards the creation of fat reserves, and endanger the normal process of combustion energy in our body. Carbohydrates give the body primary fuel - glucose. But if you eat too many carbohydrates with high glycemic index, the pancreas can extract a lot of insulin in the blood stream, which contributes to weight gain. Good carbohydrates have a low GI (55 or less) and will not cause a severe insulin reaction even weight gain. Bad carbohydrates in turn have a high GI (more than 55), they cause a strong insulin response that will contribute to weight gain. The bad carbohydrates are those with a higher glycemic index, which means that they break down into glucose faster and enter the bloodstream quickly. This results in an increased work of the pancreas, which must produce more insulin - and thus the pancreas is working more quickly and may develop diabetes.

The bad foods with a high glycemic index are: refined white sugar, sweets, cakes, chips and similar snacks, refined white flour and products from it (bread, pasta ...), potatoes, corn, corn-flakes, sweetened muesli, white rice, soda ...

Good food with a low glycemic index, which is more slowly digested and contain a lot of fiber for good digestion are: whole wheat flour and its products, legumes (beans, soy ...), cereals, fruits and vegetables, soy products ... From these foods for a long time you will not feel hungry and will provide you with enough energy. Besides foods with a low glycemic index, or complex carbohydrates, positively affects the feeling of hunger, concentration and mood.

Reasons for food with low GI
  • helps to control it and in the loss of body weight
  • increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin
  • helps control diabetes
  • reduces the risk of cardiovascular stroke
  • helps to reduce cholesterol levels
  • helps control appetite and keeps us fuller for longer
  • extend physical and mental stamina
The one diet package contains:
2 packs of Shake One: one chocolate and one vanilla flavour
1 pack of Burn One
1 box of Nopalin
1 black shaker
1 Diet Book
Nopal - foods with the lowest glycemic index in the world!

Nopalin contains cactus nopal (lat. Opuntia) who hit the store because it is a plant with the lowest glycemic index in the world! Even 100 grams a day of NOPAL contain  just as much glucose as 0.7 g of sugar sucrose (table sugar). So Nopalin can be taken at any time of the day with a meal that has a high glycemic index. For example, if the you want to sin and eat ice cream, which has a GI of 61, with the addition of Nopalin will halve the index, and nopal be taken with a glass of water before the ice cream. The greatest effect on reduction of the glycemic index of food will be achieved if we take before each meal 3-6 tablets of Nopalin with a glass of water. Great for all on a diet for diabetics.

Nopal is a member of the family of cactus Opuntia. An excellent source of vitamin C, 12 minerals and even 17 essential amino acids, a special value Nopal the content of soluble and insoluble fiber (pectin, mucus). Insoluble fiber absorbs water and encourage bowel movement and thus contribute to reducing the amount of hazardous substances that are retained in the intestines. Fibers and mucus of Nopal  control excessive production of stomach acid and protect the gastrointestinal mucosa. Nopal stimulates the liver, which is responsible for removing toxins from the body. By strengthening the liver and pancreas, nopal increases the sensitivity of body cells to insulin, increasing the input of glucose from the blood into the cells and convert it into energy. Rich content of insoluble fiber in the Nopal slows the digestion of carbohydrates and release glucose, and slows insulin production. This prevents the emergence of hyperinsulinemia, which is in the research papers recognized as one of the most important factors of damage to the heart and blood vessels and that leads to diabetes and obesity. A significant hypoglycemic effect is shown even in 4-6 hours after taking Nopalin. Therefore, a psychic and physical energy will not be subject to sudden rises and falls in people using nopal, which are otherwise so inclined. Nopal reduces appetite and slows the creation of fat by preventing the conversion of excess blood sugar into fat. In this manner reduces total cholesterol, triglycerides and LDL cholesterol. In particular, plays an important role in eliminating excess bile acids otherwise the body re-releases cholesterol from them that is returned to the bloodstream. For those struggling with excessive acidity of the stomach, nopal is a relief, especially for stomach damaged from medicines and spicy food.

Cactus fiber for intestinal cleaning and loss of appetite

Dehydrated nopal cactus (Opuntia) is the source of plenty of soluble and insoluble fibers with high impact on the regulation of body weight, cellulite, digestive and overall metabolism, particularly the metabolism of sugar and fat.

The World Health Organization recommends nopal for help in the regulation of glucose and elevated cholesterol. Soluble fiber binds sugars and fats from the meals in the intestinal tract and are excreted in the faeces, thereby reducing the load of the body of empty calories. So ultimately Nopal achieved excellent results in the lowering of triglycerides and LDL cholesterol. Nopal is a plant with the lowest glycemic index (GI) and the lowest value of the glycemic charge (GL- glicemic load) and when taken with main meal reduces the total glycemic index of each meal. This means that a pre-meal 3-5 tablets of nopal cactus with water reduces the absorption and release of glucose which is considered the main culprit of accumulation of fat in the body!

The ability of nopal fiber to swell in contact with water makes that, it softens the stool, binds bile acids and toxins in the intestines, this contributes to a greater feeling of satiety, reducing appetite and helping to quit biting which is practiced between meals. Since nopal acts as a means of regulating the metabolism of the organism, is preferred as a supplement in detoxifying diets.

Thanks to the rich content of nutrients, particularly amino acids from which the body produces vital proteins (enzymes, hormones, the building materials ...) nopal is ideal, easily digestible food for all - children, adults, the sick, the elderly, vegetarians.

Take 3-4 tablets of Nopalin between meals with plenty of fluids (eg. Two glasses of water). Or, if you take once a day, for example. between lunch and dinner, take 5-6 pills of Nopalin.

Nopalin - product is made exclusively from natural ingredients

Nopal is a fig cactus from family of Opuntia cacti. Cactus stalks contain a variety of substances that have medicinal properties. Nopalin contains vitamins, minerals and fiber, which are included with many amount into the dried stalks of nopal. It has a special value because the additionally ability to regulate metabolism, it also provides the body many important nutrients. The list of favorable action of nopal is composed of the following:

  • antioxidant effect;
  • regulation of a level of sugar;
  • reduction of cholesterol and triglycerides;
  • effective weight regulation;
  • regulation of function of a gastrointestinal tract;
  • clearing of colon;
  • regulation of work of a liver.

Thanks to these properties, Nopalin is the magnificent dietary supplement which can be used for many purposes. It can help to support lowering weight of a body, accelerating saturation, reducing appetite and assisting to struggle with a habit to overeat and have a bite between meals. At the same time it reduces an opportunity of a cellulitis (inflammation of a free connective tissue) and an excessive water retention in the body. It supervises manufacture of gastric juice, reducing risk of ulcers in stomach and duodenal gut.

Nopalin may be helpful for diabetics because it slows the absorption of glucose from food and at the same time increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin normalizing blood sugar level. We know that in Mexico, where the Nopal cactus is a popular food, the incidence of diabetes is significantly lower than in North America and Canada.

Important advantage of Nopalin is its ability to reduce elevated levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. Strengthening the self-healing processes of the body, it increases its immunity. This supplement is an excellent source of easily assimilated protein, vitamin C and bioflavonoids. It can be used as an addition to the vegetarian diet.
Nopalin is appropriate dietary supplement in any situation in which a violation of physiological balance (homeostasis) in the body occurs.

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