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Fitness Kit

Fitness Kit
Start re-shaping your body today. Accelerate your desired results.
Even when you’re busy, your fitness is always a priority.

Slimming products

Go, go, GO!
Even when you’re busy, your fitness is always a priority. Try Organic Acai juice to awake your metabolism, Add in Calivita weight-loss supplements, and you have a complete daily program to support your success.

Nutritional Benefits

  • Organic Acai juice awakes your metabolism
  • Nopalin helps to control hunger and in-between meal cravings.
  • Ocean 21 will directly feed the cells without excess calories. Of course, in addition it start  detoxification processes within each cell.
  • Trimex WMS supports lean muscle, the body’s fat burning process, with this product you lose weight while you sleep

How to Use
  • Take Organic Acai each day in the morning to keep your metabolism burning
  • Take Nopalin between meals with plenty of water
  • Mix one screw cap (30 ml) of Ocean 21 with  1 liter of water in the bottle and drink throughout the day
  • Take Trimex WMS before going to bed, 3 hours after the last meal.
  • Eat sensible meals as appropriate to your fitness goal.

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