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Fit & Slim Supplements

Fit Kit
Fitness & Weight Loss Kits
Start re-shaping your body today. Accelerate your desired results.
Even when you’re busy, your fitness is always a priority.
Making losing weight taste great!
Try Organic Acai juice to awake your metabolism, add in Calivita weight-loss supplements, and you have a complete daily program to support your success.
Fit & Slim Supplements
Chromium Max 500
Appetite-regulating food supplement. Take Hold of Your Hunger. Chromium contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism.
14,20 €
Citrimax & Chromium
To complement a body weight reducing diet and reduce appetite,
to assist lifestyle change and ease such changes
16,70 €
Cocoa bean contains important flavanoids like theobromine. Also contains magnesium and potassium. Cocoa also contains substances showing antidepressant effects helps people to stay on track to weight loss
0,00 €
Omega 3 Concentrate
Healthy essential oil for those performing low fat or slimming diets.
19,60 €
Slim Formula
Awaken Your Metabolism! Slim Formula is a complex preparation to support weight loss, which helps to increase metabolism and control energy intake.
25,10 €
Spirulina Chlorella PLUS
Complex alkalizing preparation as a supplement to alkalising diets, in order to replace essential amino-acids.
25,10 €
TrimeX WMS
Weight reduction liquid formula for those who seek natural help to be able to keep to their weight reduction diet, in order to stimulate metabolism, for a change in lifestyle and ease the change.
38,50 €
A slimmer, fitter and more muscular body is not only a matter of attractiveness. The 7 amino-acids in the capsule jointly help to protect the muscle tissues.
26,00 €
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