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Sport & Fitness


Products for athletes

You can design your own SPORT KIT

Here's an example of the products that you can choose:
  • Organic Noni
  • Power Booster
  • Arginine Plus
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • L-lysine Plus
  • Mega CoQ10 Plus
  • Super Mega 50
  • OxyMax

Nutritional Benefits

  • supports lean muscle, the body’s regeneration process
  • provides energy and oxygen to achieve better athletic performance
  • provides the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals
  • helps digestion and better absorption of nutrients

How to Use

  • Start your day with Organic Noni, Mega CoQ10 and SuperMega 50
  • Take Arginine Plus half an hour before meals
  • Take Digestive Enzymes with meals
  • Take L-Lysine Plus after meals
  • Take OxyMax before the training or competition
  • Take 1-2 tablets of Power Booser a day after training.


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Fitness Kit - recommended set of products for a slim figure

Fitness Kit
Start re-shaping your body today. Accelerate your desired results.
Even when you’re busy, your fitness is always a priority.
Shape Kit

Sport & Fitness Supplements

Energy & Memory
Energy booster for sportspeople and people under physical stress in order to increase their performance also for those taking a slimming diet
Joint ProteX FORTE
Complex joint protection for professional athletes and those who regularly do sports regularly performing sports activities.
L-Lysine PLUS
Recommended for people on a low protein diet or regularly doing sports.
Arginine Plus
Performance enhancer for athletes and bodybuilders because it can stimulate the flow of oxygen and nutrients, the growth and regeneration of muscle mass.
Mega CoQ10 Plus
Mega dose Q10 with antioxidant for athletes in order to increase energy levels.
Power Booset
Natural HGH Support - Natural growth booster for people who regularly perform physical activities and athletes due to the positive effects on muscle building.
Power Mins
Mineral complex for athletes and people performing physical work, due to intense perspiration. Recommended after training.
Shark Aid
Shark cartilage for athletes and hard physical work, in order to relieve the harmful effects of the extreme strain on their cartilages
Super Mega 50
Mega dose multivitamin for people who are doing sports and those performing hard physical work.
Triple Potency Lecithin
Triple-concentrated soy lecithin for athletes and people performing hard physical work, in order to support circulation and the joints.
Vital Man
Performance enhancer for men who would like to preserve or increase their vitality, in order to maintain their general physical condition, in order to preserve the healthy sexual performance.
Vital Woman
Performance enhancer for women. Its natural ingredients have effects similar to female hormones and thus they can increase sexual desire, vitalise and also offer high vitamin and mineral content.
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