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Organic Acai pack
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Health devices

Innovative technology and advanced design in a compact, attractive package. A great deal of research and patented advancements has gone into creating products and systems that delivers excellent performance, energy savings, and durability. This results in
High performance water filtering device that produces ionised alkaline or acidic water, rich in oxygen but free from heavy metals and toxic substances. Alkaline water is recommended for whose diet does not contain ample amounts of alkalinising food products, for cleansing diets and for people who often have strict diets.
BioHarmonex® generates an external electromagnetic field, which can support the natural processes of the organism by “addressing” the natural electromagnetic fields generated by certain tissues of the body.

WEIGHT LOSS – A program developed to support appropriately applied weight loss methods and anti-cellulite treatments.

AFTER TRAINING – For regeneration following intensive physical exercise.
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