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Liquid Chlorophyll
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Calivita Products



You can design your own:

Here's an example of the products that you can choose:
  • Organic Noni / Zenthonic / Gravital
  • C 1000 Plus
  • Super CoQ10 Plus / Cocoa Bean Extract+
  • Omega 3 concentrate
  • Calcium Magnesium Plus
  • Super Mega 50 or Calivita Vital vitamins

Healthy lifestyle

Is your goal to maintain a healthy lifestyle?
Start your day off with the Calivita Super Juices and food suplements for the ultimate in total body nutrition.

Natural products

You’ll taste with a selection of nutritious and delicious juices and feel the flow of energy when you need it. Plus, certified Calivita daily supplements  delivers vitamins, antioxidants, omega oils and more around the clock.

Nutritional Benefits
  • The super juices awake your body for a new day, every day.
  • A comprehensive, high-quality food supplement selection.
  • Supports lean muscle, prolonged energy, endurance and a healthy lifestyle.

How to Use
  • Enjoy one of Calivita super juices to start your day.
  • Use alternatively Gravital, Organic Noni or ZenThonic
  • Take C 1000 Plus and Super CoQ10 Plus after breakfast
  • Take Omega 3 Concentrate with lunch
  • Take Calcium Magnesium Plus before bedtime
  • Eat other sensible meals and stay active to support your healthy lifestyle.

  • Try other Calivita supplements to build Your Own Kit
  • Try Calivita Aquarion and Bioharmonex device to even better health result
One Diet, Calivita Products and Kits
High performance water filtering device that produces ionised alkaline or acidic water, rich in oxygen but free from heavy metals and toxic substances. Alkaline water is recommended for whose diet does not contain ample amounts of alkalinising food products, for cleansing diets and for people who often have strict diets.
Arginine Plus
Performance enhancer for athletes and bodybuilders because it can stimulate the flow of oxygen and nutrients, the growth and regeneration of muscle mass.
BioHarmonex® generates an external electromagnetic field, which can support the natural processes of the organism by “addressing” the natural electromagnetic fields generated by certain tissues of the body.

WEIGHT LOSS – A program developed to support appropriately applied weight loss methods and anti-cellulite treatments.

AFTER TRAINING – For regeneration following intensive physical exercise.
Try Burn One with your lunch to better weight loss effect.
Chromium Max 500
Appetite-regulating food supplement. Take Hold of Your Hunger. Chromium contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism.
Cocoa bean contains important flavanoids like theobromine. Also contains magnesium and potassium. Cocoa also contains substances showing antidepressant effects helps people to stay on track to weight loss
Clean your body!
Even when you’re busy, your detoxifying diet is always a priority. Complete daily detoxifying program to support your health, recommended before slimming diet
Energy & Memory
Energy booster for sportspeople and people under physical stress in order to increase their performance also for those taking a slimming diet
Start re-shaping your body today. Accelerate your desired results.
Even when you’re busy, your fitness is always a priority.
Organic graviola and aloe vera juice. Massive antioxidant content and four superfruit ingredients.
Joint ProteX FORTE
Complex joint protection for professional athletes and those who regularly do sports regularly performing sports activities.
Liquid C+ Bioflavonoids with Rose hips
Liquid C is a preparation containing vitamin C, bioflavonoids and rosehips, sweetened with organic agave nectar.
Liquid Chlorophyll
Liquid alkalising formula for detoxifying treatments. Use to restore the pH balance of the acidized body.
L-Lysine PLUS
Recommended for people on a low protein diet or regularly doing sports.
Low Deuterium Oxy Crystal
Low Deuterium Oxy Crystal® is a magnetically structured, low deuterium content water concentrate, enriched with stabilized oxygen.
Mega CoQ10 Plus
Mega dose Q10 with antioxidant for athletes in order to increase energy levels.
Fibre tablets with Nopal for those on a slimming diet, due to the sensation of fullness as a result of taking the tablets.
Ocean 21
Ocean 21 is an Aloe vera based alga complex, containing more than 200 valuable active ingredients for people on a slimming diet, in order to support normal metabolism processes.
Omega 3 Concentrate
Healthy essential oil for those performing low fat or slimming diets.
The one diet package contains:
2 packs of Shake One: one chocolate and one vanilla flavour
1 pack of Burn One
1 box of Nopalin
1 black shaker
1 Diet Book
The one diet package contains:
2 packs of Shake One: one chocolate and one vanilla flavour
1 pack of Burn One
1 box of Nopalin
1 magenta shaker
1 Diet Book
The one diet package contains:
2 packs of Shake One: one chocolate and one vanilla flavour
1 pack of Burn One
1 box of Pure Inulin
1 black shaker
1 Diet Book
The one diet package contains:
2 packs of Shake One: one chocolate and one vanilla flavour
1 pack of Burn One
1 box of Pure Inulin
1 magneta shaker
1 Diet Book
Organic Acai
Bio acai juice for people who seek tasty supplements of organic certification for their body weight loss diet or in order to support the balanced functioning of the body.
Organic Acai Pack
Organic Acai Pack (3+1)

Pay 3, get 4
Organic Noni
Organic Noni is complex preparation designed to support your health, rich in vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Coming from controlled ecological farms.
Organic Noni Pack
Organic Noni Business Pack (3+1)

Pay 3, get 4
OxyMax® drops contain stabilised oxygen molecules, which get into the blood circulation during digestion. Use in order to improve metabolism or to increase sports performance.
Polinesian Noni
Polinesian Noni is complex preparation designed to support your health, rich in vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Coming from unspoilt nature.
Power Booset
Natural HGH Support - Natural growth booster for people who regularly perform physical activities and athletes due to the positive effects on muscle building.
Power Mins
Mineral complex for athletes and people performing physical work, due to intense perspiration. Recommended after training.
As a cornerstone of a healthy diet, you should make sure that your body gets enough fibre.
ShakeOne is a universal, full value, protein cocktail - a meal replacement for weight control.
Shark Aid
Shark cartilage for athletes and hard physical work, in order to relieve the harmful effects of the extreme strain on their cartilages
Slim Formula
Awaken Your Metabolism! Slim Formula is a complex preparation to support weight loss, which helps to increase metabolism and control energy intake.
Spirulina Chlorella PLUS
Complex alkalizing preparation as a supplement to alkalising diets, in order to replace essential amino-acids.
Super Mega 50
Mega dose multivitamin for people who are doing sports and those performing hard physical work.
TrimeX WMS
Weight reduction liquid formula for those who seek natural help to be able to keep to their weight reduction diet, in order to stimulate metabolism, for a change in lifestyle and ease the change.
Triple Potency Lecithin
Triple-concentrated soy lecithin for athletes and people performing hard physical work, in order to support circulation and the joints.
Vital Man
Performance enhancer for men who would like to preserve or increase their vitality, in order to maintain their general physical condition, in order to preserve the healthy sexual performance.
Vital Woman
Performance enhancer for women. Its natural ingredients have effects similar to female hormones and thus they can increase sexual desire, vitalise and also offer high vitamin and mineral content.
Making losing weight taste great!
Try Organic Acai juice to awake your metabolism, add in Calivita weight-loss supplements, and you have a complete daily program to support your success.
A slimmer, fitter and more muscular body is not only a matter of attractiveness. The 7 amino-acids in the capsule jointly help to protect the muscle tissues.
ZenThonic is a mangosteen-based superfruit concentrate of extra strong antioxidant content in liquid format. Its valuable fibres, bioflavonoids, vitamins and minerals.
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