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Effective weight loss with Shake by One Diet

What is the effective weight loss method with One Diet.

The method

The Calivita one diet is based on a Shake One to be consumed for breakfast and for supper, and a nutritious 500 kcal lunch of your choice for your main meal at midday. The programme also includes two snacks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, so you don’t go hungry and your body is guaranteed to be given all the important nutrients it requires during this period. A Burn One twice a day will provide you with the required energy.

To successfully lose weight should first of all weight loss plan so that it is safe for health and taking into account realistic goals. In order to feel good about yourself, to be confident, balanced and pleasant, you should start working on yourself first. But don’t worry, the methodology  we have developed for you and CaliVita’s dietary supplements for two weeks are there to support you on the road towards success.

One Diet long term programme

One Diet fit & slim method can be followed as a long term programme -  We recommend you to take 60 days' challenges ie. the 60 days One Diet Programme. Your objectives to be achieved:
  • the loss of 3-5 kg or more
  • improving health

You can realy easily achieve it firstly by taking only natural supplement or replacing meals with our nutritious supplement combination, and secondly physical activity. While the other meals you eat normally, ie without starvation, which is often the reason for the rejection of a diet or yo-yo effect.

The secrets of successful weight loss One Diet method
  • nutritious supplement combination or even replacing 1 or 2 meals a day with our products
  • no starvation or changes in dietary habits
  • if you like to eat between meals you will find help in our products
  • moderate physical activity is recommended eg. walking, nordik walking, cycling

It is worth mentioning a few important details that make natural weight loss challenges in the framework of the One Diet Programme are so effective.

Firstly, it is convenient shopping - buying for the first time you have the opportunity to plan weight loss. You choose a products for yourself to create your own 14-day to even 60-day chalange kits. You will get a full catalog of Calivita products, which you can use to improve your health.

Secondly, you have our community support and extra motivation.

Thirdly, if you would recommend the One Diet method to your friends you will get your products with 50% discount. You can also receive even more rewards recommending products to others as a Calivita distributor.

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